GarageBand Not Letting Me Drag and Drop – How To Fix

By ced •  Updated: 02/05/22 •  3 min read

GarageBand is Apple’s music making software. It is primarily used to make songs and sing on them, but you can also use it to record your voice, use the guitar and many other instruments. It is a very useful tool for creating music with your computer or Mac computer and can be used in many different ways.

GarageBand will be useful to you if you want to learn how to make music or want to get your first songs together, and it is very easy to use. GarageBand is also very popular with many other people because it can help them create the music they like. You can also use GarageBand to create a good band if you want to, or even make a song for your school.

GarageBand Not Letting Me Drag and DropGarageBand comes with a number of powerful features. These include a virtual keyboard for composing music, a drum machine for making beats, recording and editing features, an audio mixer for adding effects to the recorded sound, recording features for making loops, as well as other tools such as cut-and-paste and effects that can be used to change the pitch of your song.

You can also use this program to play MIDI tracks composed on an instrument such as the piano or guitar.

GarageBand is capable of playing back MIDI tracks from any application including songs composed on a computer keyboard or the music keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.

However, you may be having problems with GarageBand, such as not being able to drag and drop your songs or some other problem. Here, we will show you how to fix these problems so that you can start using GarageBand again.

On Mac, people have only seen that this issue occurs with older versions of GarageBand. You probably know about this problem, but there is a simple workaround for it: double-click on the object you want to drag and drop. That is the process that is followed.

Double-click on it and hold down a button, then drag and drop it.

Alternatively, you can also try updating your OSX and GarageBand, because in the newer version of the daw you only need to click on one item once to drag and drop it.

In the meantime, there is a workaround that you can try. You should resize the window of both Apple Music and GarageBand, so that only a small portion of the desktop is visible. When you drag a song, move the pointer over the corresponding section of the finder and drop it into GB.

You can also isolate a song in the Finder, and then right-click on it. Scroll down to find the copy button.  Go into GarageBand and right click on the track and select the one that you want, right below the recording of the voice. Then click on the paste button.

Sometimes it will be a good idea to right click on a song on iTunes.  Click on the copy. If you click on the paste function on the track in GB, it will fall in the track right in.

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