GarageBand Drum Plugins

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GarageBand is Apple’s powerful, easy-to-use digital audio workstation for the Mac. GarageBand includes powerful tools for recording, editing, and producing your music, and it also includes many unique drumming effects and instruments. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular GarageBand drum plug-ins that you can use to add realistic drum sounds to your music.

If you’re tired of paying for a drummer, spending hours booking time in a recording studio, and spending endless hours drumming, you can have that same quality without having to get out of the house! There are plenty of free drum sounds out there that sound as though they’re fresh out of a professional studio.

What are GarageBand Drum Plugins?

Drum sounds are the sound that changes the fastest in popular music styles. They give a feeling of urgency and create an overall mood for music. Because drum sounds are really dynamic, it’s important to know whether or not the instruments you’re using are really making the grade. But the good news is that you don’t have to use the stock plugins.

Apple developed AudioUnit Extensions which allow you to use third party apps like virtual instruments in GarageBand. AudioUnit Extensions aren’t as popular as apps that just use the audio output of an app and then add it to a GarageBand input, but they’re quite useful.

GarageBand Drum Plugins

Best GarageBand Drum Plugins

Here are some of the best GarageBand drum plug-ins that you can use to add realistic drum sounds to your music.

  1. AudioSpillageMiniSpillage: MiniSpillage is a drum synthesizer VST that allows you to build up the sound that you want to create. Free versions of this plugin include bass drum, hi-hat and hi-hat synthesis algorithms, but if you want to produce a snare, you may have to get the full package and pay. Nevertheless, the plugin is very powerful and contains all the parameters you need to fine-tune the sound of your sound.
  2. Addictive Drums: If you want to really sound like you are playing real drums, Addictive Drums 2 is your tool. Every snare hit, hi-hat hit, and kick sound just like they sound. Drum sounds that really sound real because the producers of this plug-in sample real drummers who were playing actual drums in a studio. You can get the sounds you want in your song with the help of this MIDI plugin. AD 2 is free, and if you sign up for a trial you get 30 drum sounds for just $20.
  3. Steven Slate Drums: It is very easy to use and creates an excellent sound for re-creating the sound of an acoustic drum kit in your DAW. Free versions of most of the top drum kits are offered. You get different drum sound options depending on the kit you choose. You can set everything from tuning to mic placement to cymbal size and sensitivity. It works well when played using MIDI with an electronic drum kit because you can adjust the sensitivity and velocity of the drums depending on which parameter you choose.
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